Yu-An, Chien ( 08 Jan- 18 Feb 2013)

Student of applied psychology.


08 Jan- 18 Feb 2013

I won’t forget the love, the trust and the happiness residents here gave me during these 6 weeks internship. They have purest smiles, cutest laughs, and that make people want to hug and listen to them. They can felt what I felt, even though we didn’t talk. As a psychology student, I tried to guide them to be more stable, be friendly to others. Besides, I worked door by door with fabulous staffs who taught me how to feed, how to do exercise and how to communicate with patients. It is to say, every day I worked here is so unforgettable and irreplaceable, and all people here became my close friends. They taught me how to embrace and love the imperfect, and be bold to live.

Finally, I really appreciate Handicapped and Mentally Disabled Children Association ,Johor Bahru Malaysia gave me the chance to work here, stay here with the angels in Malaysia. Thank you very much.