Charles R. Howell

IBM Corporate Service Corp
425 Market Street, San Francisco, CA

As a member of the IBM CSC (Corporate Service Corp) I had the good fortune to work on assignment at the Handicapped and Mentally Disabled Children Association JB. It was a most memorable and rewarding experience, and I will never forget the kindness and good-will of each member of the HOME. Every person I dealt with was very helpful and open for discussions to make the HOME an even better place for the children under their care. The facility is very well managed, clean, and maintained, and there are many learning activities designed to cater to special needs children. The personal care and attention to specific patient requirements by the physical therapists and nurses are truly remarkable. What makes this place extra special is the exceptional people that work there. From Mr. Rajamanikam and Jeevah Murugaiyah, who are the leaders of the HOME, to each member of the staff, they all exemplify the HOME’s true values of Trust, Kindness, and Respect. They are motivated to “help the helpless” children lead productive and happy lives as much as possible. In my opinion, these people are true heroes of Malaysia, as they strive to make disadvantage children’s lives better through compassion and real actions. To the entire staff, and most of all to Jeevah, I want to respectfully thank you for allowing me to participate in the great work you are doing at the Handicapped and Mentally Disabled Children Association JB.


Jingya Lee (Internee, Jan-March 2011)

Faculty Of English
Tianjin Foreign Studies University

The place is filled with not only clean air, pleasing flowers and peaceful environment, but also love, generosity and humanity.It’s exactly our home--Handicapped and Mentally Disabled Children Association JB. After a short stay in our home, I am very grateful to see the many favors and supports from government and social kind-hearted people. And im also deeply touched by the diligence of the staffs and all the members in our home.When I first visited our home was in a quite night, no one was roaming about then and I can only heard some patients screaming.
It was the first time I had been abroad and get involved with mentally disabled people. That really terrified me at first. But guess what? It didn't take me long to find how kind and how lovely they are. They like to hug me and call me “sister” in several languages. They also have thoughts, opinions and emotions as normal people. The difference is their minds are pretty more simple and pure. All kids with some defects are the angles with torn-wings.
I hope our home grows more fabulous and more children can be raised here. Our home is the crystal of love that god bestows. My heart and my best wishes are always with you.


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