Natalia Gandia Soler (Internee, May-June 2011)

Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Psychology
University of Puerto Rico
San Juan, Puerto Rico

My experience at working at Handicapped and Mentally disabled Children’s Association of Johor Bahru has been very fulfilling. I have been able to further my knowledge and practice in my field of study, psychology, and I also feel that it has helped me become a better, more patient and understanding person. The patients here have very good facilities that enable them to carry on numerous activities, either by themselves or in the company of others. The staff members have been very helpful. They taught me everything from their daily schedules, to the best way of treating the patients so that my time here would go as smoothly and be as positive as possible. This opportunity has led me to precisely figure how I want to continue my academic career, and it has also opened the door of volunteering for me. And now that my time here is almost done, I am certain that I will continue sharing my time in helping others and to work for contributing to their well being.


agoLew Hui Teng

Bachelor of Social Science (Hons) Psychology,
Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman,

I've been working at Handicapped and Mentally disabled Children’s Association of Johor Bahru for about 3 months. This is a good place which provide a lot of facilities such as swimming pool, canteens, and classroom for the patients to carry out different activities. Teacher and physiotherapist also helping the patients to construct a healthier life by utilizing these facilities.

As I was a Psychology student, I was able to enhance my knowledge and field of view that I cannot acquire in school during my internship. The staffs are so helpful to provide assistance and support to me whenever I was facing with difficulties. And the patients as well, allow me to have an opportunity to learn and understand more about them when we mix together in various activities. Every members here are so impressive to live as a big family without any judgement. I feel so grateful to be able to complete my internship here. Thank You!


Tan Shu Fan (Jan-April, 2011)

Psychology Student ,Faculty of Arts and Social Science
Universiti Tunku Abdul Rehman,

Handicapped and Mentally disabled Children’s Association of Johor Bahru, is a place to help people who are in need. During mine intern time at there I have learned lot of things out of mine text book. From the patients there, I learned that "sharing is caring" as they like to share thing to one and other and also when they saw other patient crying they will go comfort he or she by hugging. I also learned how to treat different patient in different situation, all of these are learned from the time when I dealing with them. As a psychology student I observed their behavior and their respond as time go longer I  automatically got know how to deal with them. All the staff is nice and knowledgeable about how to take care the patients at there. Although, I just spend 3 months with them, but these 3 months is very meaningful to me, as this period is one of an important page in my life. Hope all of them will be happier and healthier in every moment in their life.


Lyan Fortugana Sobremisana

Associate in Science and Education,
Nursing Department,
Iloilo Doctor's College, Philippines

In my one year experience here at Handicapped and Mentally Disabled Children Association JB, I feel so satisfied and proud to myself. The environment is so refreshing. The facilities and organization are convenient and well organized. And the staff can handle and take care the patients very well. And most especially the patients, they are so nice and sweet to everybody. I love them so much! Even though they are special persons they know how to give love, care, and appreciate for others and they know how to understand what others feel.

Handicapped and Mentally Disabled Children Association JB, is the home that give love and care to the persons who need it most. And I’m so lucky and great for staying and working here as a teacher for this kind of association for special persons. And for the patient, they are not only the one who learned from me, I also learn a lot of things from them. I learn how to love, care, and to be more patience and more understanding in most of the time. Thank you very much guys!!!!

I’m so happy and proud to be one of the staff here, and to be with u all, always!!! Thanks God for giving me this kind of opportunity in my life, “to feel how to love, help and to live without return.”I will never forget this in my life. Thank you so much and God Bless to all!!!!!


Teo Goon Hooi ( May - Aug 2010)

Bachelor of Social Science (Hons) Psychology,
University Tunku Abdul Rahman,

During my internship, I've been working in Handicapped and Mentally disabled Children’s Association of Johor Bahru for about 3 months. I gained a lot in this place from the supervisor, staffs as well as the patients. What I learned were those experiences and knowledge that I couldn't learn from the books, besides, I also utilized the knowledge I learn in class and applied in real life settings. The best way to gain better understanding towards patients in the institution is through observation. Instead of observation, mix around with and communicate with the patients are also important as I can gain better understanding on them and their needs. Furthermore, I'm glad that I had the opportunity to participate in the activities that have been held in the institution.Their life is simple, but full of colors. The best reward on what I got during my internship was the smile and happiness from everyone in the institution. In conclusion, the patients in the institution need our supports in every dimension. Hope everything and everyone in the institution fine. Appreciate, thank you.


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