Irina Anastasia Abt (2nd of April until the 27th of April 2012)

Nursing Student

Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany

Date: 03-05-2012

I am most grateful that I got the chance of working here in this association. Everyone did his and her best to make me feel home and take care of me during my stay. This is probably the most special and therefore the greatest experience I've had in my life, both professionally and personally.

As a nursing student I worked differently to the other interns before as I was following the nurses and my stay only took four weeks. Anyway I got the chance to get to know and love the patients and different cultures. To work with these special children gave me much to learn and think about as well as it gave me once more the reassurance that my choice of study was perfect. Learning how to communicate and interact with all the boys and girls I worked with is the greatest experience I could gain here. And not at least working in this association was fun every single day.

I appreciate the time I spent here very much.



Wiebke Gruen (Internship, January – February 2012)

Business Psychology

Hochschule Fresenius - University of Applied Sciences, Cologne, Germany

Date: 27-04-2012

I am a Business Psychology student from Germany and decided to come to the Handicapped and Mentally Disabled Children Association for 2 months. I wanted to support disadvantaged children and was keen to work with different cases of diseases because it is part of my studies in Germany. I neither regret any day I spent here in the center nor the time I spent with the children. They all are really special and handle their disability in different ways. They can be happy to have a home like this and a place where somebody takes care of them. It was a totally different experience for me, but I got used to everything after a short time. A lot of times I was surprised and amazed how easy I could make them smile and how wonderful it is to see them laughing.

I want to thank everyone in this NGO who gave me the chance to explore this different world. They built up an unique place for these special children to help other human beings and to make the world a little bit better. I hope I can come back some day to see further improvements and to support this organization again.


Chen Jiayu (3rd February to till 28 February, 2012)


Bachelor of Arts in Guangdoing University of foreign studies,


I am Candy, from China. I have been anintern here for only 3 weeks because I planned to do another job in KL and I changed to be here and it is worth. Here, I can have a real contact with those handicapped or mentally disabled kids who need our help. It is a totally different experience from what we usually do in university and instead, it is a big challenge for me to serve others in spite of culture and language differences.But, those are not a big deal, when I have the heart to help, to serve, every difference or misunderstanding can be solved. Help has no border.  They welcome all kinds of people from all overthe world to do the volunteer here and they provide a good living condition:good food, hot water, comfortable bed and friendly staffs. Therefore we do not need to worry about anything, just help them , teach them to finish some simple job, set up their confidence, communicate and play with them, get used to them and love them. I like the job here and I appreciate everyone who devote their time to helping the helpless.



Lorina Hermann (Internee, Nov 2011 - Jan 2012)


Department of Social Science 
University of Technology Kaiserslautern, Germany

As as Social Science student I decided to do an internship, in which on the one hand I can make use of my knowledge I got during my studies and on the other hand gain some personal experiences. For both purposes the internship was successful for me. During the 8 weeks I stayed here, I could see how the organization works and think of ways to improve it further. Also the working conditions were good and the office always welcomed and helped me, if I needed something. As for my personal experience, I can say it was not easy to be around the patients in the beginning, but as time went on I got much more confident to interact with them, which I consider as a big step for an understanding, loving and respectful way of living together.  I know that I will have a different look at the special people in this world from now on. The most beautiful thing was to see them smiling, because of something I did. It is a very fulfilling and nice feeling. I am thankful to got this experience in my life.





Myriam Sylvain (Internee, May-June 2011)

Psychology Student ,Faculty of Social Science
Université Laval, Québec,

The Handicapped and Mentally disabled Children’s Association of Johor Bahru is a lovely place where children, adult and elderly are respectfully treated. As a student in Psychology, working here was a grateful opportunity to learn more about different cases. Since I got here, I have learned more than what I did in school’s year. I had the chance to work with a lot different cases and used the academic notions I have learned to do my own observations. It’s a big challenge, for sure, but a challenge that will definitely be gainful. I was actually surprised to feel home so quickly and I got attached to the lovely patients more than I expected. Each of them has something special to offers!  Working here it’s a good professional experience but even more a rich personal experience. I came here for helping people with needs, but I certainly learn and receive more than I give. I wish to everybody to live an experience like this once in their life!


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