Sport Day 2014



SUNDAY, 11th Oct 2014

Charity and Sport Day was held recently on 11th October 2014 at Handicapped and Mentally Disable Children Association Johor Baharu. This was also our first time this event held public to understand our Home and the services provided here. This event was joined by almost 100 mentally disable children, 20 home staffs, 30 volunteers and members of public. It was indeed an honor when ADUN of Senai, YB Wong Su Qi, representative from Kulai Parliament Mr seat agreed to officiate the event. 

According to the organizer of the function, Miss Shashi & Miss Ruby, the Charity and Sport Day planning was ongoing since 2 months back. The children were segregated to 4 group by color (Yellow, Blue, Green & Orange).They added it was challenging but interesting experience especially to train children in various sport games.

As early at 8.00pm, Home children begin to gather at the main car park together with the Staffs. They were very cooperative and some started to cheer as they support some of their friend in the wheelchair. Drums were played as Sport Day Banner was marched from old folks block till our office block.

Besides YB, our Founder & President Mr V. Rajamanikam PIS ans Vice President S. Murugaiyah @ Jeevah also graced the event and took part in the rally.

He joined the children to sing National Anthem “Negaraku” with members of public.

According to YB, she was moved to seek the unity of the children that help each other throughout the event. She further emphasis, public should come forward and help the children as they need our support. She also suggested the Home management to keep up the good work and agreed to review the water and electricity bill with management to a discounted rate.

After the speech, the children and staff participated in several games such as Netball, Color Ball, Sprint & Running in group. The children were happy cheered throughout the event. The volunteers and members of public also graced the event and supported the children along the games.

Besides that, children’s craftwork and souvenirs were sold to public for charity. Members of public were astonished with the children’s workmanship and some suggested participating in any of the classes.

About 10.00am, the Charity and Sport Day was concluded and prizes were given out to the winners. The children’s and staffs cheered as their group names called as they emerge as victory. In short everyone had a great time and about 12pm, lunch was served to all and special dance shows performance by the Home children.

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