Merdeka (Independence Day) Celebration



SUNDAY, 31st August 2014

Merdeka celebration was held recently on 31st August 2014 at Handicapped and Mentally Disable Children Association Johor Baharu. “Merdeka” cheer was heard throughout the event that was participated by almost 50 mentally disable children and 20 staffs. There was continuous cheer and Malaysia flag was waved relentlessly along the rally that started from old folks block till our office block.

According to the organizer of the function, Miss Shashi and Miss Ruby. The children from all walks of life were ready since early morning and very cooperative as they support some of their friend in wheelchair during the rally. This surely reflects their gesture as truly “1 Malaysia” regardless race and religion.

Founder & President Mr V. Rajamanikam PIS also graced the “Merdeka” celebration and took part in the rally. He was surely moved by the children act of kindness and later performed “Negaraku” song with them.

After singing the patriotic song, children participated in several games such as musical chair, balloon breaking and others simple games supported by Home staffs. The children seem overwhelmed and continued “Merdeka” cheer throughout the event.

Finally, the children and staffs took a group photo of the memorable event and later served with refreshment and drinks. Although they seems tired but surely everyone had a great time. Well done to the organizer and everyone took part in the event!

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