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Saturday, 8th March 2014,

Vogel Industries (M) Sdn Bhd, situated in Kawasan Perindustrian Tampoi, Johor manufactures and supplies high quality passenger seats for busses and coaches. It combines best of German engineering and local knowledge and has been in Malaysia for past 20 years. It was indeed an honour when Dr Piter from Vogel Germany and Amin HR Director Ms Fanny Wong paid a visit to our Saleng Home on 8th of March 2014. 

He further cherished the residence when presented a special wheelchair to Miss Ugeswari. It was a dream come true for Ugeswari, 12 who always wanted to replace her poor condition wheelchair. She was delighted and kept smiling throughout the ceremony and thanked Dr Piter for his contribution. She can now move around the home by herself without any hassle.

Our Founder/President Mr Rajamanikam PIS, was very grateful and hope Vogel Industries would continue to offer the service and contribution for these needy special children.

Dr.Piter extended his offer to invite few more special children to Vogel Industries to donate couple more wheel chair and physiotherapy equipment for our home. This indeed brought cheer to the residences in Saleng home. 

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