JCY International Berhad Charity Visit 2014



Saturday, 25th January 2014,

JCY International Berhad General Manager Mr. S S Wong with management and staff visited our Association on Sunday 26th January 2014. This event organized by CSR Comittee lead by General Manager  Mr. S S Wong. 

As the opening of the event the organization companied by our coordinator R.Segar@Rishi  give a briefing of the, history and management of the Association.

JCY International Berhad company was donated a sum of RM5000 as well as some other needed materials which is a big help to our Association. The organization highly appreciates to the team of PPKKTAJBJ for their efforts and proper maintenance of the association.

At the end of event our Vice President Jeevah has presented the souvenirs of the association to JCY International Berhad General Manager Mr. S S Wong as a token of appreciation.


May you Gallop into success and prosperity in the chinese New Year of the horse. Wishing you GONG XI FA CHAI 2014