Margherita Anna Germana Passalacqua ( 27th July to August 2013)

Scienze e Tecniche Psicologiche.

University Cattolica del Sacro Cuore ,

Milano, Italy.

July- 27 August 2013

I spent six beautiful weeks at Handicapped and Mentally Disabled Children. Malaysia is very lucky to have a home like this where disabled children and adults can find people who care of them and give the love to them they never had. 
I've met here different patients with so different and complicated lives, but they live here together and give support to each other. They become often like a family for each other. I felt at home during this weeks because all the people living here and working here treated me very nicely. 
The girl in the picture is my favorite one, she is blind and so she can't see you and she never speaks but in these weeks she improved and learned easily a lot of things. So, they only need someone who cares and loves them. I hope this house will always be more full of volunteers and staff loving this patients.