Maggie Gao ( 10th July to 18 August 2013)

School of Mathematics.

Fudan University, Shanghai,


10 July- 18 August 2013

The association is a place full of love and happiness. The past six weeks is one of the best memories I have ever had in my life because I did gain a lot and have much fun here. I really appreciate it for all the help everyone has done for me and hope that I can come back one day.
This is my beloved “little frog” in this picture. She is a patient in the baby section. When I first came to the baby section, she was tied by the staffs because she refused to be fed. Usually she sits in the crib playing with plastic alone. She seems a little autism because she doesn't like getting alone with people and will get extremely angry when somebody tries to touch her. After talking to the staffs, I know that she is unable to see. Her families seldom come to visit her, I saw them once, but they didn’t even touch her. They just stood by the crib looking at her like a monster. The coldness of her family made me want to give her more love since she is so small and sweet. We tried to walk her and she loved it very much. We also carried her and played with her. It’s really cheering to see she is making progress with our help. Nowadays, she becomes more and more used to get along with people. When we kiss her or carry her, she will show us a big smile. My dear little frog is just like my angel here, wish her peace and happiness in the future days and hope she can grow up healthily and happily.